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Perform safety work (4 pp.), Job description:

You work in an aircraft factory shop superintendent on manufacturing and installation review of glasses for aircraft cockpits. The department received 360 sheets of special plexiglass. The size of one sheet 7 * 8 (m). Each sheet must be cut out two types of workpiece: billet A - a 3 * 6 (m) and the blank B - a 2 * 4 (m). It is necessary to get as many pieces of both Vidra with the least amount of waste. In addition, the need to ensure the completeness of blanks: 1 A blank should account for 3 blanks B, that is, the ratio of observed

Zagot.A: Zagot.B = 1: 3.

Task № 1. Solve the problem of choosing the optimal solution "by eye", ie by simple everyday busting the most appropriate plans for cutting options.

Task № 2. Solve the problem of choosing the optimal solution by the mathematical programming, by plotting to acquire acceptable cutting plans.

Task № 3. Determine the losses incurred by the plant, in the first and second embodiments of the solution, if the cost of 1 square meter of the sheet - 1000 rubles. Compare losses among themselves.

Note: losses should be considered as natural waste when cutting sheets, and the number of remaining incomplete blanks A and B.
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