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In this reference work for RFET contains 2 tasks:

Task №1

According to the schedule given the company "Brigantine", to determine:

1. The monthly wage fund at the company;

2. The average salary of employees of the company;

3. The coefficient of variation of the average wage.

Solve the problem in 2 ways: with and without the use of categories.

Task №2

The volume of revenues of the company "Brigantine" the last six months is: .....

It is necessary to determine:

1. Average monthly revenue per semester.

2. Absolute and relative deviation of the amount of revenue in June, compared to January.

3. Calculate the average growth rate and the average growth rate for the half year.

4. Predict revenues for July using the average growth rate.

Everything has been done according to the rules of registration RFET. You just need to add a cover sheet.
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