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After payment, you instantly get Steam account (username and password) with the game Aliens vs. Predator Collection for the paid number of days.

This Product includes:
Aliens vs. Predator
Aliens vs Predator Swarm Map Pack DLC
Aliens vs Predator: Bug Hunt Pack DLC

This is an online account, not offline! You can be online all the time, play and chat with friends over the network, no one except you will connect to your account during the lease.

The Steam Family Sharing connection service is also available, after connection you will be able to play the game on your main account for an unlimited time. The service is paid! To find out the cost of connection, contact the seller.

On an account, in addition to Aliens vs. Predator Collection, there are other top games you can play as well.

Why download pirates with viruses and built-in mining scripts when you can easily rent our account, download and play a licensed game! Play with friends, chat in steam chat and community, share screenshots.

- The account provided is the seller´s personal account.
- You can start playing right after purchase.
- Account ONLY for the game! Marketplace and exchange blocked!
- The lease term for an account starts from the date of purchase of access.
- You and no one else have access to your account during the rental period.
- Turn on steam guard CATEGORALLY FORBIDDEN!
- If you wish, you can change the Name and Avatar, as well as add friends. I strongly ask you not to change other data.
- MAIN CONDITION! Play fair and don´t use any cheats! If during the rental the account receives any of the types of bans, in any game, the account is immediately returned to the seller!
- After the lease expires, you can extend the lease by writing to the seller in correspondence. If the lease is not renewed, the seller returns the account to himself with a change of password.

Under no circumstances change the Steam Guard and e-mail settings, otherwise you will no longer be able to log in and the seller will have the right to return the account for violation of the terms of use!

Our guarantees:
- 20 years on the game market! Quality checked by time!
- More than 220 thousand sales!
- Over 25 thousand positive reviews!
- Business level Webmoney - 650!
- Guaranteed for the entire rental period!

The game has no territorial restrictions - REGION FREE and is suitable for activation in any country.

Languages: Русский, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish - Spain, Czech, Polish, Russian

@MediaSoft - 20 years at market! Quality checked by time!
If you have any additional questions before buying, please contact the seller in the online chat or write by e-mail.

Attention! The seller is not responsible for technical problems at launch, in the game and for inconsistencies in the parameters of the PC and system. All such problems are solved through the official technical support of the publishers.
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