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Language: Russian, Čeština, Dansk, Deutsch, English US, Español España, Suomi, Français, Italiano, 日本, 한국어, Nederlands, Norsk, Polski, Portugues Brasil, Svenska, 繁體中文
Platform: PC
Activation: EA App (Origin)
Activation Region: Region Free

The Sims 4 Way of Life supplement is about strong family ties, friends and enemies, and, of course, self—knowledge. Sims´ relationships with others from relatives to new acquaintances have become deeper. Sims and relationships between them are affected by both planned events, such as sleepovers together, and unexpected new life stages, such as a midlife crisis.

- Something that will be remembered: Tell the Sim´s story through important decisions and achievements. Now character traits develop and change throughout life, because Sims are going through a midlife crisis, respond to requests from relatives to live with them, and so on. Self-knowledge lasts a lifetime.
- The complex world of relationships: It happens that sims understand each other perfectly. At a party, sims may meet someone to whom they immediately feel sympathy - or, conversely, antipathy. Now sims will have preferences that determine with whom they will be comfortable to communicate, and with whom they are more likely to start a feud.
- Family ties: Family is important and difficult. The lives of relatives are connected, and both scandals and manifestations of mutual assistance happen between them. All this directly affects the situation in the family and the sims´ relationship with their relatives.
- Everything for family life: San Sequoia is located on the ocean and was once a modest fishing village, but eventually turned into a big city. There is a quiet suburb and a lively community center. The locals live very amicably, and you will also get acquainted with the influential Robles family.

Instructions for activating the key in EA App (Origin):

1. Download and install EA Downloader - Origin. ( ) = THE LATEST VERSION OF THE PROGRAM IS REQUIRED!
2. Run EADownloader - Origin.
3. Launch EA download manager and enter the purchased key on the "Activation" tab
4. Log in using the email address and password you provided when registering on the EA website. If you are not already registered on this site, then create a new account.
5. Download the distribution.
02.04.2024 16:50:19
Быстро, всё активировалось!
24.01.2024 0:10:07
Ключ пришел мгновенно после оплаты и сразу началась загрузка дополнения, даже через официальный магазин больше времени на покупку уходило, спасибо огромное)
05.01.2024 19:53:09
спасибо большое! все активировалось)
26.12.2023 16:35:59
ключ активировался без проблем
26.12.2023 13:42:04
ключ пришел быстро
21.12.2023 20:21:25
Всё активировалось. Спасибо.
13.12.2023 20:22:09
10.12.2023 15:16:35
Моментально получил код
08.12.2023 8:44:55
быстро, код работает.
26.10.2023 22:47:44
все отлично!
25.10.2023 20:40:21
Всё отлично) Спс
12.10.2023 16:50:21
Работает, спасибо!
12.09.2023 19:48:20
все отлично! Код пришел сразу и активирован
30.08.2023 19:01:30
Всё отлично, большое спасибо!
09.07.2023 11:28:48
26.06.2023 18:01:07
прошло 0.1 секунда и у меня уже есть дополнение, всё идеально
25.06.2023 2:53:45
Спасибо за игру. Пришло всё очень быстро
28.05.2023 3:52:44
Всё пришло быстро
04.04.2023 9:09:05
swen99 Большое спасибо, обожаю одна мин и я уже гружу игру. Продавец надежный и стабильный, пятая покупка, полет нормальный !)
29.03.2023 11:31:00
Всё отлично. Ключ пришел в течении нескольких секунд. Активировался без проблем.
17.03.2023 20:57:53
Хочу подарок. Все быстро, код рабочий

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