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1. Preparation of silver metal from the silver "scrap". From A to Z.

2. Cyanide Electrolytes

3. cyanide electrolytes

4. cover with silver leaf or flower.

5. Chemical silver

6. Galvanic silvering

7. Recovery of silver from spent photographic solutions.

8. Silver-metal home.


1. Preparation of gold salts and electrolytes (including from "scrap")

2. Installation for the extraction of gold from the waste water and wash water.

3. Regeneration of gold from solution, electrolytes and washing water.

4. Allocation of gold from spent electrolytes method Tallinn jewelry factory.

5. The rate of deposition of gold (see table).

6. metal gilding home.

7. Two easy ways to extract gold from waste yuvelirnyz polishing products.


Platinized metal house.

Precipitation and isolation of platinum.

Homemade furnaces.


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