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Four Books.

№1 The content of precious metals in the electronics components (Handbook).

The reference contains data on the content - of gold (Au), silver (Ag), platinum (Pt), palladium (Pl), ruthenium (Ru) and tantalum (Ta) in the various components of electronic equipment.

The format of the directory - the file MS Excel 97-2000 & 5.0 / 95

Number of Positions reference - 10920

A complete list of items included in the directory can be viewed by downloading the demo file:

http://vtordragmet.narod.ru/dragmetd.zip (589 KB).


№2 secondary precious metals and methods for their extraction.

(Including from the electronic components)




1. Preparation of silver metal from the silver "scrap". From A to Z.

2. Cyanide Electrolytes

3. cyanide electrolytes

4. cover with silver leaf or flower.

5. Chemical silver

6. Galvanic silvering

7. Recovery of silver from spent photographic solutions.

8. Silver-metal home.


1. Preparation of gold salts and electrolytes (including from "scrap")

2. Installation for the extraction of gold from the waste water and wash water.

3. Regeneration of gold from solution, electrolytes and washing water.

4. Allocation of gold from spent electrolytes method Tallinn jewelry factory.

5. The rate of deposition of gold (see table).

6. metal gilding home.

7. Two easy ways to extract gold from waste yuvelirnyz polishing products.


Platinized metal house.

Precipitation and isolation of platinum.

Homemade furnaces.


The format of the book:

Executable EXE-files (WebExe). Compatible c Windows 9x, Me, NT, XP, Vista, 7.


№3 refining - (fr. Affinage, from affiner - cleaned), obtaining precious metals of high purity.



I. Silver

Dry methods of refining silver

Cupellation method.

Method soda

Wet methods of refining silver

Chemical methods of extracting silver from the laboratory and the technical residues. 3 ways.

Chemical methods of extracting silver from spent fixing solutions. 4 ways.

Electrolytic method of refining silver

II. Gold

Dry methods of refining gold

Refining saltpetre

Refining using chlorine method Miller

Wet methods of refining gold

Chemical methods of refining gold from residues of laboratory and technical

Method kratovaniya.

A method of refining of gold chloride, gold recovery of ferrous sulfate.

The deposition of gold by hydrazine.

Recycling gold grinding powders.

Recovery of gold from residues of photographic.

Waste products from ferrous metals and alloys, coated with gold.

Electrolytic refining

III. Palladium

Methods of obtaining pure metallic palladium

Methods of refining the technical residues

Palladium sponge.

Preparation of colloidal palladium

Preparation of palladium black

IV. Platinum

Methods of refining platinum

A method of refining aqua regia

Refining platinum laboratory balances

Platinum black from unsaturated solutions

Methods of carburizing solutions

V. Iridium

Clean the metal iridium

VI. Osmium

Clean the metal osmium

VII. Rhodium

Net metal rhodium

VIII. Ruthenium

Clean the metal ruthenium

Conclusion (Algorithms chemical processes for the separation of any alloy in its noble individual components)

The format of the book:

Executable EXE-files (WebExe). Compatible c Windows 9x, Me, NT, XP, Vista, 7.


№4 precious metal content in the relay v1.00

List of relays included in the guide:

RPS32B, RPS34A, RPS42B, REK23, REN33, REP36,

RES 6, RES-9, RES 10, RES 15,
Other literature on the subject - https://artvea.ru/seller/8897
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