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Some PSP users have become victims of viruses. Most of the so-called break console noobs. The only test for the detection of such viruses - a program that checks suspicious Khomko write in flash (0) PSP. This antivirus is, and with it you can check the various programs.

Anti-Dark Killer was developed some time ago, but as a way to destroy PSP has remained the same, the program still relevant and successfully performs its functions.

Signs of the virus on your console:

1. The best known virus consists of a 2-folders SDL-TEST-5 and SDL-TEST-5%, it is not difficult to find

2. The size of the file about 75kb, and the folder contains% 65kb eboot file.

1) Connect your PSP to your computer.

2) Run the program on your computer. The first line will be set Removable Disk drive letter that you mean PSP, for example, X: /. Click Check. We see the result.
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