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Truss fuselage is now widely spread. They allow you to create at the same time very simple and at the same time sufficiently reliable design. Farm fuselage can both define the contours of the aircraft, so be it power element basis, which is attached to the aircraft structure attachments.

Truss fuselage used on different types of aircraft - from classical models - is enough to mention the Piper Cub, to aerobatic aircraft chempionatnogo class - for example Pitts Special and Su-26.

In some cases, the trusses are not used as the main frame structure of the fuselage, and as the local structural reinforcement. Sportsman example is 2 + 2.

The proposed e-book contains a description of the truss fuselage structures of steel pipes, the manufacturing process for the desktop assembly of the fuselage, a technique of preparation of structural elements of the fuselage assembly technology, horizontal and vertical tail. As well as a photo album with an example of manufacturing the fuselage and tail of the pipes, manufacture and installation of doors and stringers. 147 pictures. For example, the accompanying drawings truss fuselages of two planes.

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