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Thesaurus module Anti.Yandeks script for Partner HotCD v10.x (

It contains 444 words with synonyms for them.

It contains only the most frequently used words in disk-based The dictionary is made by hand.

An excerpt from the dictionary:


at the same time | while | with | along with the | time | once

it is desirable to | need to | be nice to | need to | helpful | it would be good | does not hurt

phone | mobile | cell | cell
This dictionary allows you to receive an unlimited number of sites on the basis of the script Partner HotCD v10.x ( and each site will be a unique content, as the words are replaced with random manner.

Dictionary put it in the root of your site with the script, replacing the old file dictionary.php, and run the module Anti.Yandeks: http: //vashsayt/papkaustanovki/aya.php
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