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= Latest version - 1.3.3 VERSION FROM 19.07.2010 =

I imagine you own development which allows to monitor your sites, namely to see the number of indexed pages in Yandex and Google and their dynamics (as added / boas from last update), CY and PR sites.

He borrowed the system in action here:

The program will be useful for the owners of a large number of satellites made for Sape.

== Features: ==

- All functions are implemented in Ajax without page reloads

- Simple and intuitive interface to work with the system

- Ability to add as a site, and import a list of URLs to 1 on line

- Ability to update the parameters (indexed pages) sites, one for each, or all at once with one button

- Ability to delete sites one by one and all at once

- The system interface is optimized for 1024x768 or higher permission from

- Import and export to Excel (CSV)

- Sort the table of sites all fields ascending and descending

- Automatic installation of the system on the first run (you only need to specify the data to connect to the MySQL database in the configuration file

- Get the number of indexed pages through a proxy server (only web-proxy)

- Ability to customize the mask to parse the statistics for the PS in the case of changes in their html output

- Open source

System requirements:

PHP5, MySQL4, 300kb space on hosting

The system is constantly being finalized and will be developed.
All subsequent versions of the program the buyer receives free.

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