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At this incredible to believe!


But is it really?

Sensational rasledovanie: all the evidence points to the fact that the King is alive!

He was just tired and wants to rest, to re shone on the stage!

Michael Jackson were twins, but great value it has. I asked a man with 15 years of experience in choreography to help me in the investigation. Viewers lot of video and photo materials. There are definite conclusion at all concerts and performances was a real MJ. Next. Through an acquaintance found forensic MIA, compared palms, fingers, drawing on many of the photos. Hooked another girl, she is engaged identefikatsiey bodies. In some photos the double - fact. The man announced THIS IS IT concert in London and MJ - the same person - fakt.Ne doubt. Next. In MJ was one rare anatomical feature - sometimes expanding and often very noticeable (although a thick layer of makeup and cosmetics) Vienna on his forehead. Steel view video.Ogromnoe number of photos. You can safely say that this Vienna on his forehead swelled with the great physical and emotional stress. The man photographed in the ambulance at the time of departure of this very fast very well looked swollen Vienna on his forehead. We are 100% sure that the people in the ambulance is a real MJ. Cheeks, forehead and the distance from the nose to the lips and so on, all the same. The analysis was difficult poor quality picture. Perhaps this picture is the most important question. Based on police interrogations doctor - briefly - MJ was found not breathing and almost pulseless. According to the testimony of the doctor, very weak pulse was detected only in the femoral artery (a large artery is a continuation of the external iliac artery). What does this mean? What MJ at that time was the development of bradycardia, simply put, reduced heart rate. His heart stopped roughly speaking, blood pressure dropped by the minute, which explains the inability to detect the pulse on the neck and arms, etc. Only in the femoral artery, he was able to feel the pulse, it is logical, since in such cases are often only on it, and it is felt. Then the doctor said that the call for an ambulance was made after at least 35 (!) Minutes after the discovery of MJ. OFFICIALLY - doctors came in 6-7 minutes after the call, and at least another 45 minutes of resuscitation was performed at home, what else psole 6-7 minutes and went back 60 minutes resuscitation MJ performed at the hospital, after which it was recorded the death of KING OF POP s. Simple arithmetic - MJ UMRIAL 2.5 hours. Strange huh? But back to last lifetime photos of Michael in the ambulance. On this photo you can see a man who is in a coma with a catastrophic low pressure is already 1.5 hours. Look how swollen his Vienna on his forehead and see what color his face (even though the tinted windows soon) I myself close to medicine, but still found the current surgeon and resuscitator working on the ambulance. Since the investigation is necessary to do everything professionally. The doctors told me that these people with these symptoms and a history of such (that day), so can not look. But the most important thing is not the complexion and Vienna, which produces high pressure treacherously MJ. So far everything is going on. Strongly do not swear if with anything not agree.
Independent investigation.
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