Terms for buyers in Artvea.ru

Artvea.ru is a marketplace that directly connects sellers and buyers. Artvea.ru accepts payments for seller’s products on the basis of a previously signed agreement. Artvea.ru is not an acting party in your dealing with the seller and assumes no responsibility for losses and/or damages that may incur should either of the parties default on its obligations. Artvea.ru does not get involved in your deals, but only provides a convenient interface for them. Artvea.ru cannot guarantee 100% reliability of a seller, although it has been making its best to ensure fair trade in the system. Artvea.ru cannot guarantee the quality of products sold on the site, and is only responsible for their timely delivery after receiving the payment.

Selecting items confidently

First of all, you must understand that you are buying an electronic product and you cannot touch and hold it before making a purchase. As practice shows, most misunderstandings during online shopping occur because buyers do not take their time to read the product description, as well as the terms of sale and delivery. Therefore, don’t rush; spend a few minutes to study the information about the product you are purchasing and its seller.

Below are our recommendations for choosing a product:

Please note that there is a special type of products on our site that you may come across – the so-called “game money” for various online games. In most situations, once the payment is completed, you will get a unique code that you will provide (along with your game credentials) to the seller in exchange for the product in the description. Please be careful when purchasing such products, since the actual transfer of game money is carried out outside our marketplace and we cannot control the delivery process. Preorders are another type of purchases that requires extra caution. We recommend placing preorders only with sellers that you know and trust (have purchased from in the past several times) and are confident in their honesty.

Paying for items

To pay for an order, you need to select a convenient payment method on the description page and click the "Buy now" button. You will be forwarded to Oplata.info, a universal payment gateway, where you can complete the payment by following detailed instructions. More information on available payment methods can be found in the "How to pay" section.

Getting your purchases

Digital goods market-Artvea.ru is a marketplace with instant product delivery. You get access to purchased products immediately after making the payment – you will not have to wait a minute to start using your product. If you purchased a book or a program, you will get a download link, if you purchased a prepaid card, you will receive its details (number, PIN code) or its scanned image, etc.

If there is a technical issue during payment or product delivery, and funds are withdrawn from your electronic purse (account, card), you will be able to access your purchased products in the "My Purchases" section at any time. You can quickly jump to this section of our site using a My Purchases link in the top right corner of the page.


Our marketplace allows you to post and edit feedback about each product you purchase here. To do that, go to the My Purchases section, select a payment method, sign in and click the necessary product in the list of your purchases. As stated above, reviews affect seller’s ratings. Besides, a negative review (a “bad” rating) temporarily blocks the seller who does not have a WebMoney Personal Passport. Please note that negative reviews can be left only within 30 days from the date of purchase.

What if I was cheated?

First of all, don’t panic. As practice shows, users mostly suffer from misunderstanding, not actual fraud. Such issues take place because buyers don’t read seller’s terms of sale or product descriptions, or because sellers don’t provide detailed descriptions of their products and the ways of purchasing them.

Therefore, if you believe that you have been cheated, do the following:

  1. First and foremost, read the product description and terms of sale. If the situation was caused by the lack of attention on your end, contact the seller and explain your position to tackle the problem peacefully. In most situations, sellers agree to help.
  2. If you believe that a product you purchased does not fit the initial description, you must leave a negative review about the product. To do that, go to My Purchases section, sign in, select the necessary product and leave a "bad" rating. If the seller does not post a comment to your review within 24 hours or doesn’t contact you, please contact the administrator of the marketplace specifying the invoice number.

    • If the seller is not identified via a personal WebMoney Transfer certificate, all of their published products will be blocked. Besides, the seller will receive a notification asking to contact you. If the allegedly dishonest seller does not provide us with information about his personal passport within 30 days, the service administration will refund your money less the standard commission (0.5%).
    • If the seller owns a personal WebMoney Transfer certificate, all questions related to refunds are resolved by buyer/seller negotiations within disputes on negative reviews, and, if necessary, by taking them to the WebMoney Arbitrage service.

  3. Use private messaging in My Purchases to contact the seller and try to solve the problem.