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Final exam RFEI "Macroeconomics" 100 questions.

Answers to 100 questions in a table.

A separate file containing all the questions.

Questions for comparison:

1. What can not be attributed to the objects of the macroeconomic research:

a) mass dismissals of miners due to the reduction in coal production;

b) reduction of the refinancing rate of the Central Bank in order to stimulate the economy;

c) construction of a model of balance of aggregate demand and aggregate balance.

2. The specific methods of macroeconomic research is:

a) analysis;

b) abstract method;

c) aggregation method.

3. aggregated values \u200b\u200binclude:

a) oil production in the country;

b) gross domestic product;

c) the price of electricity.


99. The set of all relations arising between subjects of currency transactions - is:

a) Currency Exchange;

b) the quote currency;

c) the foreign exchange market.

100. The basic course of the currency market, which takes place on the settlement of the current trade and non-trade operations - is:

a) the bid;

b) the rate of the buyer;

c) the course "spot".

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