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Beautiful Physics puzzle game from Klei Entertainment team.

Eets - is the main hero of the game. This little creature is afraid of the dark, she gets angry when you hit it, and it becomes happy when eats little, apparently, sweet balls.
Gameplay consists of a set of different products and gizmos - they all affect the mood Itzá - and manipulating that need to safely bring it to the exit of the level.
Buying from us you are guaranteed to receive a license activation key immediately after the payment.


This product is distributed via digital distribution and is a only a pin code (activation key), it does not contain the packages and boxes.
Activation Key:
1. You need to download and install Steam (if not already installed)
2. Register novvy Steam account or log into an existing.
3. Go to the "My Games" and select "Activate via Steam ...", read and agree to the Steam Subscriber Agreement and enter the key received immediately after the payment.
4. After that, the game will appear in the "Library" section, and you can download it from steam.
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05.08.2017 10:09:46
25.04.2017 20:23:04
01.12.2016 20:41:00
21.09.2014 19:36:12
всё быстро и дёшево
16.09.2014 14:35:31
Всё быстро, дёшево и качественно. Спасибо за игру!
12.06.2014 1:12:01
Спасибо за игру:)
03.05.2014 10:48:23
Ключ рабочий, притензий нету

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