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Civil Law Part 1 Examination 2 MU im.Vitte

Score excellent 100%

Examination 2. (topics 18-19)
The solution offers two tasks. Responses should be thoughtful
logical structure, contain links to use to solve
regulatory framework with mandatory indication of points and numbers of legal papers
Answer only the questions you need to, but to all without exception.
If the responder has a dissenting opinion, which may also be reflected in the
The maximum number of points - 10 (one task - 5 points). When
incomplete or incorrect solution to the problem, the number of points is reduced.
Exercise 1
JSC "AVTOSTROY" appealed to the court to LLC "Virineya" about collecting on
lease agreement residential premises 58500 rubles. In support requirements
the plaintiff pointed out that "Vireneya" LLC appealed to the letter of the provision of
uninhabited warehouse under a lease signed by the manager
supply department.
The room was provided, but the rent is not received.
The defendant said that did not satisfy the plaintiff´s claim on the grounds that
request (letter of number 278) is not a lease.
1. In what form are the agreements on behalf of the legal person and by whom
they subscribe?
2. Is an employee entitled without proxy on behalf of a legal entity
make deals?
3. Is it possible to consider the contract signed?
4. If the transaction to be invalid by a court, what follows:
voidable or void?
Task 2
Wholesale store received from the railroad car in refrigerated grapes from
private procurement agency. The cargo arrived spoiled. The buyer filed
claim the seller refused to pay in full the entire amount set
Procurement agency in response to the declared her complaint stated that, according to
control information about ldosnabzhenii, the car was supplied in transit
ice regularly, and required to pay the full amount set by the agreement.
1. What are the grounds of entrepreneurs liability for failure
2. There Is responsible for damage to the goods from the seller?
3. Does the buyer claim valid?
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