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Seller: TopMacro
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Conditions for stable operation:

Mouse - A4TECH X7 / BLOODY

Vertical Sensitivity - 15;
Horizontal Sensitivity - 15;
Aiming - 45;
FOV - 90
(If the sensation is too big for you or too small, you can change the dpi of your mouse, this will not affect the macro)

FPS no less - 60;

Installation recommendations: holograph;
Macro 1: 1x;
Macro 2: 1.5x;

ATTENTION! All macros are checked more than once, if any macros work differently than on video, then in 99% of cases the problem is on your side. You can always contact the seller on the purchase page and they will help you.

After payment you will instantly receive a link to download the archive with macros and configuration information (the archive can be opened with WinRaR archiver program or any other analog). If you accidentally closed the page with this link, you can return it by clicking on the link in the letter that came to your Email address after payment. You can also go to your personal account on and your purchase will be displayed there.
These macros are suitable for x7 / bloody mice (mice with internal memory).

I also remind you that there will definitely not be a ban from the anti-cheat for this kind of macros, since these macros for removing recoil do not affect the game files, but only interact with your mouse.

We wish you a pleasant game with macros from TopMacro
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