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✅Complex antivirus Avast Premium Security FOR 2 YEARS - an extended version of Avast antivirus, which includes additional features: firewall, protection against ransomware, privacy protection tools.

✅Advantages of Avast Premium Security
More security. The world´s largest threat detection network, cloud-based artificial intelligence and lightning-fast behavior analysis make our antivirus stand out from the rest.
More privacy. Blocks attempts by spyware to gain access to tax, medical and other confidential documents. Preventing overly curious people from being monitored through the webcam.
Better than the titled version. Avast Free Antivirus has been awarded Product of the Year by AV-Comparatives. Avast Premium Security offers the same superior level of protection with a host of useful features.

✅Key features of Avast Premium Security
Antivirus. Intelligently detects and blocks viruses, ransomware, spyware, Trojans, and other malware in real time
Intelligent scanning. From hidden malware and browser-related threats to outdated software and other vulnerabilities, a single scan can identify any issue
Analysis of behavior. Determine suspicious behavior of instant threat and ransomware software
CyberCapture. Analyze unknown and potentially malicious files in the cloud and create remediation tools for all Avast users if they pose a threat
Firewall. Advanced control over your PC´s inbound and outbound data (as opposed to basic Windows firewall)
Protection against ransomware. Block untrusted apps and ransomware from modifying, deleting, or encrypting personal photos and files
Genuine sites. Protection against fake websites designed to steal credit card numbers, bank details and passwords.

Network analysis. Automatically detects weak points in your home Wi-Fi (or wired) network to protect against hacking
Webcam protection. Prevent unreliable applications and overly nosy people from being tracked through your computer´s webcam
Protecting confidential data. Blocks attempts by spyware to gain access to tax, medical and other confidential documents
Data destruction. Permanently delete any files, allowing you to borrow, sell or dump your computer without compromising your privacy.
The gift key bonus may not be activated. guaranteed from 400 -20 days of use.
✅Ease of use
Rescue disk. Create a bootable version of the Avast scanner on a CD or USB drive that allows you to restore a computer that is prevented from starting by an infection
Do not disturb mode. Lock notifications so you can watch videos, play and work with presentations in full screen without interruption
Automatic software updates. Improve the performance and security of critical software with automatic updates.
How to activate:
1. Open Avast.
2. Click on Menu - My Licenses - Enter a valid activation code.
OS: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 32 | 64-bit
Interface languages: Multi / Russian
After payment, you will receive an official personal activation code in the format xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx
The license can be activated in ANY REGION (REGION FREE)
This key is for one device, after activation of the key.
You cannot enter the key again.
Take some of your time and leave a review for the purchased product!
If you have any questions, do not rush to leave negative feedback, write to us by internal correspondence, and we will try to answer and solve your problem as soon as possible!
Thank you for your purchase !!!
09.08.2023 16:06:34
все работает. рекомендую
18.07.2023 14:27:40
Все отлично, все работает! Продавец отличный, много очень нужных подарков накидал! Однозначно рекомендую продавца! Спасибо!
06.04.2023 0:29:06
Ключ активировался сразу. Топ
24.03.2023 14:27:38
Большое спасибо, ключ сразу после оплаты, активация без проблем. Рекомендую.
05.01.2023 15:49:10
Все работает
18.06.2022 18:46:01
Все активировалось. спасибо
09.08.2021 12:24:55
Были проблемы, дали замену 670 дней. Надеюсь не слетит раньше времени)
09.05.2021 0:28:10
Рекомендую адекватный хороший продавец
19.12.2020 13:24:01
24.09.2020 17:43:37
все круто, +627 дней
18.09.2020 20:37:41
Отличный продавец, все пришло быстро)

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