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✅ Description:
✅Adjusts to the current subscription.
✅ The certificate can be entered only 1 time!

Attention! the certificate must be activated within 1 day from the date of purchase.

✅To activate the certificate for 30 days of subscription to the Optimum package:
✅Go to website.
✅Sign up or log in.
✅Click in the upper right corner; "PROMO CODE" ✅OR
✅Enter the certificate code in the corresponding field.
Subscription Features:
Extended catalog of films, TV series, cartoons
View without ads
Full HD 1080 * quality
Download to mobile **
Free movie every week * high definition where available

For Okko mobile applications on IOS and Android platforms, Terms of Use: Certificates are intended solely for personal use, namely for gaining access to watching movies in the Internet cinema in the Russian Federation. Some of the films posted on the Internet cinema may not be available for viewing in some of these countries due to licensing restrictions imposed by the copyright holders. To use the Certificate, you need to activate it in the Internet cinema. After activating the Certificate, you will have access to Subscription 30 days of subscription for the "Optimum" package for the period specified in the Internet cinema. To activate the Certificate and receive services, you need compatible software and devices, as well as access to the Internet. The certificate cannot be returned or exchanged for cash, except as otherwise provided by law. Funds unused under the Certificate are non-refundable.

✅Action only for new users for 1 rub. or who have not entered the promotional code before, or create a new account.

✅ A promo code of this type can be activated only once on one account. (If you buy two codes, then the second code must be activated on another account)
✅ Warranty for the promo code - 1 day after purchase. Better activate immediately.
08.04.2022 2:19:13
Продавец заменил невалид. Спасибо
28.08.2021 18:40:57
Все отлично. Код пришел моментально.
Продавца рекомендую.
17.08.2021 17:19:33
Все норм спс
02.07.2021 16:28:06
Первый код оказался просрочен, взамен продавец выдал два от разных кинотеаторов. Благодарю !
01.05.2021 9:36:06
Подписка на 21 день, а не на 30 как указано в описании, но все работает, подписка без проблем актировалась)
25.02.2021 1:40:07
Всё хорошо.
07.02.2021 13:07:04
Сначала был нерабочий код, оперативно заменили. Все в порядке! Все работает
28.12.2020 20:02:38
Отличный товар! Промокод на целых два месяца! Всем советую.
13.12.2020 21:29:48
Всё отлично
07.08.2020 17:31:49
Сначала не получилось активировать, продавец дал на ivi и через пару дней дал на окко
19.06.2020 23:19:49
все работает
08.06.2020 14:46:30
Изначально выдали истёкший промокод, но сделали замену. Всё в порядке
01.04.2020 10:21:07
22.03.2020 9:17:09

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