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Blacksmithing: allows you to create heavy armor and melee weapons (two-handed and one-handed swords, maces, axes and daggers). Allows you to improve the quality of these items.

Tailoring (Clothing): allows you to create light and medium armor and improve the quality of these items.

Woodworking: allows you to create staves of destruction and restoration, as well as bows and shields, and improve the quality of these items.

Jewelry Crafting: allows you to create rings and amulets and improve the quality of these items. To access this craft, the Summerset chapter is required.

These three types of crafts allow you to create some of the best types of armor and weapons in the game, in addition, they allow you to create special craft kits and improve weapons and armor already found or received for tasks. Items obtained from the craft are very good in performance. In addition, with the help of a craft, you can create an object with exactly those characteristics and features and having exactly the appearance that you like most, without spending your time getting sets with multiple passes of the dungeons necessary for this.

Alchemy (Alchemy): allows you to create various potions that restore magic, health, power reserve, increase some characteristics, for example, magic or physical damage, giving invisibility, increasing the detection of invisible targets and others. Poisons for weapons are also created precisely with the help of alchemy.

Provisioning: allows you to create food that increases maximum performance and drinks that increase recovery.

Enchanting: Enables you to create the glyphs needed to enchant equipment.

The best potions, food, drinks, and symbols in the game are also obtained only from the craft.
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