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💡 INSTANT Delivery After Payment!
💬 Questions & Help in the online chat of the seller!

🎁 About Account:
✅ After entering the game, the account is guaranteed to have Two Medals for 5 and 10 years of service!
✅ The account has a CS 1.6 or CSS game, sometimes two CS 1.6 + CSS at once are a bonus
✅ Access to Registration on &
✅ The Best Choice For An Account Under The Basis!
✅ Year of registration of accounts 2003
✅ 6 digit STEAM ID (6 dig)
❗ CS 2 Prime status is missing.

Attention!!! The presence of inventory, Steam levels, access to the trading platform, the ability to add to friends and groups, the balance of the wallet, the presence of other paid games is not guaranteed and is not a prerequisite, if you get something on your account, this is your bonus !!!
💡 After payment you receive a text file:
✅ login, password for your Steam account.
✅ login, password from Mail.
✅ I don’t do returns, please read the Description!

⚠️ After transferring data from the account to you, you are responsible for it, that is (ban of any kind, vac, patrol, CT, etc.)
⚠️ The site seller does not store data after the sale of goods, please store your goods securely and do not allow third parties to receive data! The client must ensure the safety and security of the data; we recommend changing all data after purchase.

💡 If you want to reduce the risk of a community ban (red plate), then this information is for you:
🛡️ For the first two weeks, do not replenish your account, show a minimum of activity.
🛡️ Do not log into other accounts from the same IP address and device.
🛡️ Under no circumstances should you even try to top up your Steam account with a bank card - 100% BAN
🛡️ Do not contact Steam support or write on Steam forums, do not publish a link to your account, login, etc. on the Internet.
🛡️ If you plan to change data, do it before logging into your account (via recovery).
🛡️ If you change your email, use a blank email with the .com domain (change email via recovery).
🛡️ Before logging into your account, delete the steamapps folder (or separate files responsible for logging into other accounts) and change the IP address.
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