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Activation: Rockstar Games Social Club (RGSC) / RegionFree.

Localization: Multilingual version. In particular, there is also Russian (subtitles). Languages are switched in the launcher settings.
Developer: Rockstar Games.
Publisher: Rockstar Games.
Edition: Complete Edition.

Attention! This game is NOT for Steam!
The product is intended for the Rockstar Games Social Club (RGSC) platform.

Buying the game "Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition", you are guaranteed to receive a license activation key for the RGSC platform immediately after payment. All keys from an official supplier.

The publication includes the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV, as well as the plot addition of Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City, consisting of episodes of The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Nico Bellic, Johnny Klebitz and Luis Lopez live in America´s worst city - Liberty City. This is a paradise for those in power with a tightly packed wallet and a real nightmare for those who are deprived of these benefits. Nico is desperate to find his place in the "city of limitless possibilities." Biker Johnny from the Gangsters gang is trying to survive the brutal squabbles between street gangs. Louis, the right hand and bodyguard of the owner of nightclubs Tony Prince, nicknamed Blue Tony, is torn between family and friends, trying not to lose the trust of either one, which is extremely difficult in a world where everyone has a price. In general, these guys are trying to survive in the city of violence and corruption. Sooner or later, their paths intersect, and the consequences will be disastrous ...


Everything is as in life!
The series has matured noticeably. A more serious and thorough approach is visible in absolutely everything. For example, to steal a car, you must first break the glass and break the locks; a shootout with even one policeman can lead to death. The new graphics technologies used in the game provide even more realism.

Welcome to New York!
Liberty City is a copy of the largest US city. Only a few names and places have been changed in order to comply with political correctness.

City without borders
Liberty City is truly huge. To get from one of its outskirts to another, it will take an hour of real time. Players can not only admire the dozens of skyscrapers, but also visit many buildings, use public transport - there was no such freedom of movement in GTA!

Plexus of Fates
The stories of Nico Bellic from the original game, as well as Johnny Klebits and Luis Lopez, appeared in new episodes, are unique and at the same time connected with each other. Only until the end of each hero’s path can you get a complete picture of the criminal intrigues that have entangled Liberty City.

Maximum features
Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition presents a full arsenal of weapons, as well as the entire fleet of the fourth part of the famous series, which includes motorcycles, luxury cars, combat helicopters and even armored personnel carriers.

Who is stronger is right
The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony add new types of multiplayer games in GTA IV.


Supported OS: Windows Vista - Service Pack 1 / Windows XP - Service Pack 3
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz or AMD Athlon X2 64 2.4 GHz
RAM: XP - 1.5 GB / Vista - 1.5 GB
Video card: Nvidia 7900 / ATI X1900 with 256 MB of video memory
DirectX®: devices must be compatible with DirectX 9.0c
Hard disk: 32 GB of free space
Sound Card: 6 Channel (5.1)
To install and run the game requires registration in the Rockstar Games Social Club (RGSC).
To activate the game you need an Internet connection.
Key activation.

1. Register on the website:

2. Download Launcher (RGSC):

3. Launch the Launcher. log in to your account using the login details (email and password) specified during registration on the site When logging in, you will need to pass a "captcha".

4. In the upper-right corner of the launcher, click the round "R" icon. Select "Use Code". Activate the key purchased from us and the game will appear in your library, where you can download it.

If you have any problems, do not rush to put a negative review, be sure to contact us and we will try to help you.

22.05.2024 11:11:36
Все активировалось
13.05.2024 12:03:05
01.05.2024 18:23:36
Great price very nice seller ++++++++++
02.04.2024 13:34:07
Всё ок)
19.03.2024 17:02:07
Всё хорошо, товар быстро пришёл!
06.03.2024 22:25:48
Качественно и очень быстро
06.03.2024 19:01:05
Все пришло быстро, код работает, рекомендую
02.03.2024 13:19:23
Всё получил! Всё ок!
05.02.2024 9:43:31
Всё прошло отлично, сразу активировал
02.02.2024 18:29:06
Всё ок работает, сижу гружу
21.01.2024 11:52:49
все бысро четко всем советую +rep
19.01.2024 16:28:16
Спасибо большое. Удобная оплата и мнгновенное поступление ключа
19.01.2024 15:49:27
Код рабочий
08.01.2024 23:38:04
всё прекрасно, товар пришёл мгновенно
08.01.2024 16:45:21
Отлично, код рабочий! Спасибо продавцу
07.01.2024 11:42:00
ключ подошел, все пришло быстро, качаю
18.12.2023 21:15:16
Это один из самых лучших сайтов. Я уже настолько устал от пираток, что уже вообще не хочется связываться с ними, потому что нынче приятного мало от них. И решил найти в интернете, где же мне купить ГТА. К счастью, нашёл этот сайт. Спасибо, что вы есть.
17.12.2023 22:26:31
Good!!! Very fast.
17.12.2023 11:05:21
Все отлично, работает. Код приходит сразу же. Активируется без проблем. Уже устанавливаю игру.
16.12.2023 19:51:57
Код активирован
16.12.2023 19:07:01
Ключ подошел, продавец хороший.
13.12.2023 20:54:51
Всё хорошо. Ключ рабочий.
13.12.2023 18:53:49
Отлично) Social Club ключ принял
11.12.2023 22:21:42
Все отлично быстро ,хочу подарок 😊
10.12.2023 19:36:19
Все работает
10.12.2023 12:28:00
Ключ лаунчером принят! Устанавливать пока лень )
07.12.2023 1:24:54
07.12.2023 0:58:49
Все супер, проблем не возникло
06.12.2023 12:54:59
Всё хорошо! Спасибо!
06.12.2023 12:27:54
Пришел моментально, активировался моментально. Респект продавцу
21.11.2023 18:16:48
пришёл ключ от гта 4 все нормально!
31.10.2023 18:55:32
Спасибо за игру купил гта 5 ключ да и ещё гта 4 огромное благодарность
24.10.2023 21:51:09
24.10.2023 13:47:29
Активировал, всё отлично!
22.10.2023 15:34:53
Товар получил моментально, продавец топ!
15.10.2023 20:47:15
Все отлично
12.10.2023 14:06:04
Всё активировалось без проблем.
27.09.2023 15:49:25
26.09.2023 21:27:43
good seller
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26.09.2023 21:27:39
good seller
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26.09.2023 21:27:35
good seller
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26.09.2023 21:27:29
good seller
best price
24.09.2023 6:58:35
сработал ключ продавец нормальный так
23.09.2023 15:30:48
23.09.2023 14:16:46
Моментально получил код.
18.09.2023 21:23:50
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