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Activation: Steam
Platform: PC
Language: Russian interface
Activation region: Russia, Ukraine and CIS

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Elite Dangerous is the third part of the cult series, the first game of which was released back in 1984. The developers decided to go back to the roots and convey the unforgettable spirit of the original to modern players. You will have complete freedom of action, the ability to directly influence the development of the plot and the Milky Way is at your complete disposal.
Elite Dangerous is an epic massive multiplayer game in which you start with only a humble starship and a couple of coins, but gradually (after incredible adventures!) You will acquire the money, skills, influence and knowledge you need to take your due place among the Elite.
400 billion star systems of our galaxy are available to you. The developers have recreated real stars, planets, moons, asteroid fields and black holes of the Milky Way on a real scale.
Improve your ship, customize, explore limitless worlds, hunt, fight for resources, trade, smuggle and survive in the ruthless space of the year 3301. Play solo or in team mode. The fate of the galaxy depends on your hands. It´s time for great discoveries with Elite Dangerous!

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08.12.2020 15:55:52
Ключ пришёл сразу. Цена лучшая на маркете, покупкой доволен.
10.11.2020 8:47:01
Все отлично, огромное спасибо за такую доступную цену
04.11.2020 19:21:24
все хорошо ключ пришел, спасибо
04.11.2020 13:07:06
All ok, thx
03.11.2020 22:50:20
Как только оплатил, мгновенно получил ключ, качаю игру
03.11.2020 22:11:28
положительный отзыв
28.10.2020 16:21:04
Пришло моментально, сразу активировал и скачал!ЛАЙК

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