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Code activation page:

One code is enough for 56 days of Netflix Premium

Subscription cost:
Basic: TL 26.99 per month.
Standard: 40.99 TL per month.
Premium: TL 54.99 per month.

⛔️ATTENTION! The code can only be redeemed on a Netflix account registered in Turkey. If you do not have an account, then you will need to create one using any free VPN service that supports a Turkish ip address. You need to activate the code only on this page by turning on the VPN for Turkey.

🛡️Guarantee for successful activation: 48 hours from the date of purchase.

You can use your Netflix account from any IP address, VPN is only needed to activate the code and register an account.

If for some reason you did not receive the goods after payment, use the link and enter the mail specified when purchasing the goods.
Activation instructions:
1. Register a Netflix account with Turkey VPN enabled. (Can be activated already on an existing account registered in Turkey)
2. Go to:
3. Enter the code received upon purchase, click activate and select a plan.
01.04.2022 15:00:36
It worked!!! a problem occurred but then it just took a couple of hours to wait and everything worked perfectly

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