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You are buying a Dying Light Enhanced Edition key.

Activation: Steam
Region: Russia CIS

Dying Light is one of its best representatives. All your wildest expectations and dreams will come true - after all, there are hungry mutants everywhere, and you will have to use all your potential to destroy them. But time is running out, the day is short and the night is long, so you have to improvise.

Outside the walls inside the city of Harran, a small branch of hell rages. Dead men and mutants terrorize the population, and the government makes awkward attempts to resolve the situation. Rumor has it that the Harranians have invented a vaccine that can cure the infected. And in order to find out more about enterprising residents and bandits, an undercover agent is thrown into the very depths of the city.

What will be his death, and what will make him reconsider his decisions? The narrow streets of Harran stretch beneath his feet, with only makeshift weapons and quick feet at his disposal. It´s time to learn parkour and go out for reconnaissance. Until it got dark.

• Action-packed storyline. The longer the nights, the more dangerous it is on the streets, but the main character does not stop at the line of his destiny. In front of you is an open world, full of animated carrion and tasks. Quickly and easily overcome huge distances, destroy zombies with choreography that is not limited by any boundaries. Seamless world invites daredevils to explore.
• Don´t be alone. Breaking through the horde, scattering rotting meat, is best in the company of a hero as desperate as you, in a cooperative adventure. The quarantine zone is full of different creatures, and friends will help you through. Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Rich customization and variability will help you make your character unique.
• Do not go out at night. Or take a chance. As soon as the sun sets over Harran and all the lights go out, monstrous creatures crawl out, whose power is not calculated by any standards. Walks are over, now you are not a hunter, but a victim. Pump up your skills and conquer new peaks - you will need everything that you collect during the day.
01.06.2022 15:08:38
Добрых утров/днев/вечеров, товар получила, все как нужно, цена как указана, все отлично))

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